macOS Server has been killed off at last

After 23 long years, Apple has finally ended support for its macOS Server operating system.

The Unix type server operating system was designed to manage fleets of Mac computers operating in businesses, schools and other types of organizations.

Apple had been slowly discontinuing support for macOS Server for years, particularly since 2018, when the company announced that macOS services would lose features like its Wiki, DHCP, and DNS, as well as its schedule and contact support.

What does this mean for macOS Server users?

Some features of macOS Server will continue, and features like Caching Server, File Sharing Server, and Time Machine Server are now built into every installation of macOS High Sierra and later.

One of macOS Server’s most popular features was Profile Manager, Apple mobile device management (MDM). To help customers migrate, Apple has released a guide to finding alternative MDM solutions available from various third-party vendors, including Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP directory services.

macOS Server was officially discontinued on April 21, and the latest version of the operating system will be macOS Server 5.12.2.

The update comes after Apple introduced its Universal Control feature on Mac and iPad, allowing different Apple devices to integrate better.

Available on beta versions of iPadOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3, the feature allows users to control a mouse on a Mac and an iPad at the same time, without having to send files or use a cloud service to do this.

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