Marvel TV shows aren’t convincing you to sign up to Disney Plus

Moon Knight and other Marvel TV shows don’t seem to be helping Disney Plus in its bid to attract new subscribers.

According to new research compiled by Parrot Analytics, Moon Knight, WandaVision and other Marvel Disney Plus shows have little impact on society, potentially increasing the size of its subscriber base.

According to findings from the leading entertainment analytics firm, each of Marvel’s TV offerings became the most-watched show in the world within two weeks of its launch. Audience demand for Loki, Hawkeye and Company also outpaced many (if not all) of their competitors, with Moon Knight considered to be 93.5 times more in demand than the average TV series.

However, while that number – and those of its fellow Marvel productions – is obviously good news for Disney and Marvel Studios, the data surrounding each show suggests the quintet hasn’t inspired a huge surge in new users. signing up for Disney Plus.

A graph showing how audience demand for each Marvel Disney Plus show has followed a similar pattern

Marvel’s TV offerings all follow a similar pattern in terms of viewership demand. (Image credit: Parrot Analytics)

As the chart above shows, every Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) TV show has embarked on a similar trajectory to its counterparts within weeks of launch. Among the five TV series, viewership demand was the highest for WandaVision (102.1 times higher than a normal show), while Hawkeye posted the lowest figure (68.6 times higher in demand).

Those are huge numbers for Marvel’s TV offerings. But, according to Parrot Analytics, the data suggests that Moon Knight and company only cater to established MCU audiences, meaning those who have seen every Marvel movie and show to date. As such, it seems like these Marvel shows are helping Disney Plus retain its basic subscriber base, but not necessarily helping to incentivize new signups.

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Is it possible, then, that the MCU’s rapid expansion has had a negative impact on its ability to attract new fans and subsequently reduce the help it can provide to Disney Plus subscriber growth? Perhaps. At this point, the MCU comprises 27 movies and six shows — a headache-inducing number that may scare potential fans who may balk at the amount of content they need to consume to catch up.

By contrast, there are only 11 mainline Star Wars movies and two live-action TV shows for potential fans of Lucasfilm’s juggernaut franchise to watch. Okay, there’s the seven-season run of The Clone Wars animated series, plus four seasons to take for Rebels and a season of The Bad Batch, two other Star Wars animated shows. Although they are canon, they are currently not mandatory for new Star Wars fans. Well, that’s until Ahsoka Tano’s live-action standalone series comes to Disney Plus.

It’s one of Ahsoka’s siblings in The Mandalorian – by far the biggest and most popular Star Wars property of our time – who has been a key driver behind new subscribers to the platform. Disney streaming. With the help of Baby Yoda, by the time The Mandalorian season 1 finale, audience demand for the Star Wars show was 161.5 times greater than the average TV series.

A graph showing the popularity of The Mandalorian compared to The Book of Boba Fett

(Image credit: Parrot Analytics)

As the table above reveals, The Mandalorian was far more popular than The Book of Boba Fett when the latter’s first season aired in late 2021/early 2022. In fact, The Mandalorian’s first release became the one of the three most requested programs that Parrot Analytics has ever measured in terms of date.

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Helpful as The Mandalorian contributed to Disney Plus’ early success in terms of subscriber growth, however, Disney’s streaming platform has also been aided by the curiosity of movie and TV fans.

The Mandalorian arrived alongside Disney Plus when the latter officially launched on November 12, 2019. Since there were few original movies and shows for subscribers to watch at those early days, The Mandalorian will have benefited from the scarcity of other films and television series. Sure, Disney Plus launched with a number of beloved animated and live-action movies and shows, but it certainly lacked original content for pioneer subscribers to stream. The Mandalorian is a great TV show, but its success has certainly been aided by the apparent lack of similar new productions vying for viewers’ attention.

It remains to be seen if Star Wars is considered the franchise that really drives subscriber growth for Disney Plus. Boba Fett’s book showed that might not be the case, but with Obi-Wan Kenobi’s highly anticipated series arriving on May 27, we’ll have a clearer indication of the franchise boosting really the Disney Plus subscriber base. If Obi-Wan releases similar numbers to The Mandalorian, it could prove that Star Wars, not Marvel, is the property Disney can rely on to grow its user base – and wouldn’t that be a comeback for the books ?

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