Microsoft is still trying desperately to get you to use Bing

If you haven’t used Bing recently, an upcoming update to Microsoft Edge will bring the software giant’s search engine to the forefront in an all-new Sidebar menu.

According to Windows Latest, Edge’s new Sidebar menu has started rolling out to users in the browser’s Canary channel, and in addition to Bing, it also lets you use a calculator, read emails in Outlook, view MSN browser games and more without leaving the current page you are on.

While you can email, use a calculator, convert a variety of units, and even test your internet speed from Edge’s sidebar menu, it’s worth noting that you can’t play games. because they will open in a new tab. This is also the case with Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Vivaldi users will be instantly familiar with Edge’s new sidebar menu as it functions similarly to the browser’s web panel. Both are great when you need to do a quick task but don’t want to open a new tab or separate window.

Along with all the other new features in Edge’s Sidebar menu, Microsoft has also added another option that lets you add your favorite sites so you can perform in-context actions without interrupting your workflow.

Since the sidebar is not yet generally available, many sites are not optimized to work in its smaller screen space. This will likely change once more as Edge users start using this feature.

For those who don’t want to use Edge’s sidebar, you can disable it using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+/. Similarly, you can use this same keyboard shortcut to activate the sidebar.

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If you want to try Edge’s sidebar for yourself, you’ll need to run Edge Canary and from there you can find a new “Sidebar” option in the browser menu that lets you launch it.

Via the latest version of Windows

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