Microsoft is working on a whole new kind of Kubernetes

Microsoft is working on a major new project to enable Kubernetes for lightweight Windows edge compute deployments.

The long-talked-about “Project Haven” could signal a significant breakthrough in helping bring Kubernetes to lightweight Windows edge computing devices.

Microsoft has revealed that it will talk more about Project Haven at its Build developer conference in the coming weeks.

What else does Microsoft have in store for Kubernetes?

The news was revealed in a post for a Project Haven Microsoft Build session, which promises to reveal more.

“Born in the cloud, Kubernetes is making its way to the edge,” the page reads. “Microsoft is working to enable Kubernetes for lightweight Windows edge devices, powering Linux and Windows containerized workloads. Join this session to learn about the latest developments and what to expect!”

Project Haven isn’t the only Kubernetes-related panel planned for Microsoft Build.

The call will also provide viewers with an introduction to Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes and a customer technical chat with Starbucks, which will cover how the coffee company moved its mobile application infrastructure to Azure and how it continues to manage and scale to using Azure Kubernetes services.

Microsoft isn’t the only big tech company getting involved in Kubernetes solutions for developers.

Google announced a new feature that will allow Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) users to offload the provisioning and management of their container infrastructure to an automated process.

According to Intel research, edge computing is also considered poised for future growth.

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Intel’s “The Edge Outlook” explained how IT managers are realizing that the edge is integral to operational efficiency, 76% of respondents agreed that identifying “the sweet spot” for data processing is a challenge.

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