Microsoft Outlook update brings reactions, because emails aren’t bad enough already

Showing your joy (or distaste) at receiving an email could soon become much more public thanks to a new Microsoft Outlook update.

The email service follows in the footsteps of many social networks by introducing reactions, allowing users to quickly report their feelings upon receiving a message.

Users will be able to choose from a variety of reactions covering a range of emotions, with a thumbs up, laugh, heart, celebrate or shed a tear from the initial selection available.

Microsoft Outlook reactions

Microsoft says the addition will allow users to “apply your sentiment” to Outlook emails, also giving them the ability to see reactions from other users without sending or receiving emails.

In the official Microsoft 365 roadmap entry for the feature, the company noted that the move will initially only be available to Outlook users on Mac devices.

Currently still listed as “in development”, Microsoft expects to be able to show off a preview of the update in July 2022 before a general launch in August 2022. Microsoft previously announced a similar-sounding feature in February 2022, but seems to have now integrated this with this new update.

The news comes shortly after Microsoft announced a boost to its own feedback system for Teams, with over 1,800 of its emojis getting a facelift.

The company said the new Fluent Emojis selection will bring “a modern and delightful new take on the emojis we use every day.”

The company also recently released its “Microsoft Teams Expanded Reactions” feature which “will allow users to apply any emoji in reaction to chat messages”, with users being able to choose from over 800 emojis “to react the way you want. wish”, with reactions displayed in the chat window.

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The messaging service is also getting a new “notifications pane” that will act as a central location for all your pings, mentions and other updates, meaning users never have to miss a key event, including updates. day as @mentions that users may have missed.

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