Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 could arrive soon – and there’s good and bad news

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go 2 could be here within the next two months, according to the latest speculation – and while rumors about upgrades aren’t all that exciting, there is some positive news on the pricing front.

Windows Central’s Zac Bowden (opens in a new tab) says word from its sources is that Microsoft is gearing up to launch the Surface Laptop Go 2 and the laptop will ship in the first half of 2022.

That means it could debut in May or June, although Bowden reckons it’ll likely be the latter – unless the currently scheduled schedule slips (which is, of course, always a possibility). regarding the timing of the launch).

Rumor has it that Microsoft intends to keep the price the same while (obviously) upgrading the hardware. In other words, the Surface Laptop Go 2 should start from $549 for the most basic version, with the price of the higher-end models also remaining the same.

What happens with hardware upgrades, then? Bowden thinks the laptop will step up a gear to Intel’s 11th-gen silicon (Core i5), with the entry-level model keeping the same RAM and storage configuration of 4GB plus 64GB from eMMC.

The two top-tier models will have the fingerprint sensor and power RAM at 8GB plus storage at 128GB or 256GB respectively (SSD, not eMMC drives), with prices set at $699 and $899 as before. If prices remain the same in the UK and Australia, that would mean price tags of £549 / £699 / £899 and AU$999 / AU$1,249 / AU$1,549.

Analysis: If It Ain’t Broken, Revive It A Bit

It’s exciting to hear that a next-gen Surface Laptop Go could be on the near horizon, as the original laptop caused a stir when it landed in October 2020. Indeed, in our review, we hailed it as the best Surface device Microsoft has ever made, offering all sorts of high-quality elements – especially that gorgeous display – in an affordable laptop.

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Performance was one of the areas where we were most critical of the original Surface Laptop Go, and upgrading to a 12th Gen Core i5 chip (from an 11th Gen) will help with that. forehead.

It’s also worth noting that an additional ripple in the rumor pond is that Bowden heard from a source that the entry-level Surface Laptop Go 2 might up its storage slack to 128GB, which would be a very useful boost for this cheapest model. Again, this could possibly refer to the enterprise version of the suite, not the base consumer model, so take it with a particularly heavy pinch of salt.

Although this is more of a minor refresh, of course, and nothing about the overall design is supposed to change – except for a new color option (sage) – a bit of a refresh on the hardware front is all you need, really.

As for the design, as they say, if it ain’t broke, it ain’t gotta fix it (although Bowden observes that a backlit keyboard might be nice, and that might still be an upgrade). upgrade that Microsoft is implementing – although the low price may still prevent it, at the entry level anyway).

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