Microsoft Teams update will eliminate an unnecessary headache

Microsoft is working on a new update to its online collaboration tool that will make it even easier to find and use your favorite apps in Teams.

Apart from being a video conferencing software and workplace chat application, Teams also offers many first-party and third-party Microsoft Teams applications that can be used to extend its functionality even further.

According to a new Microsoft 365 roadmap post, the software giant is preparing an update for Teams that will allow users to find the apps they frequently use through flying apps. At the same time, a single @mention of their favorite bot will allow users to seamlessly add it to a new chat or team.

One of the best things about this new update is that users don’t need to reinstall their favorite apps. Instead, an app only needs to be installed once so they can use it anywhere in Teams.

Facilitating Teams for Frontline Workers

In a separate Microsoft 365 roadmap article, Microsoft explained that global sign-in and sign-out will soon be available for the Teams app on iOS.

This feature will allow frontline workers and other employees to use any device from a pool of shared devices by logging in with their Microsoft credentials. Then, when their shift is over, they can log out to remove all of their personal and work information from the device.

While Microsoft’s update for Teams apps will be rolling out later this month, global sign-in and sign-out should be generally available in June.

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It’s also worth noting that the desktop version of the Teams app will soon be available for download directly from the Microsoft Store so users don’t need to navigate to the company’s website to download the Teams client for Windows and Mac.

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