Move over Pip-Boy! Fallout fan turns a plastic mini-nuke into a tiny gaming PC

A Fallout fan best known for his collection of franchise merchandise has created a truly unique PC from an already unique memory.

The Fallout Collector turned a ‘mini-nuke’ model – bundled with the Fallout Anthology Limited Edition in 2015 – into a functioning PC, but unlike Linus Tech Tips’ heavily modified version, this version is instead based on designs budget PCs.

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As PC Gamer explains, The Fallout Collector used a NUC, a small form factor PC from Intel, as its base and outfitted it with a compact motherboard. The bottom of the mini-nuke was used to house the power supply, with holes cut into the sides for the I/O ports.

There’s also a fan in the nose of the mini-nuke, with additional holes drilled into the top to allow ample airflow and the sound effect button has been repurposed as a power button.

While Fallout Collector has issues running Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim run at a steady 30 FPS, and the franchise’s original 2D entries have no issues. Considering the PC runs on a sixth-generation i3 system, this is definitely one of the coolest PC builds we’ve seen to date.

Analysis: Ok, so maybe budget PC gaming isn’t dead?

Unfortunately, the best budget gaming PC you can get these days is pretty much limited to what you can buy pre-built, as many of the essential components for a really good gaming PC build are hard to come by. or more expensive than they have been in the past. past.

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This is one of the things we love the most about this Fallout mini-nuke build. These aren’t high-end components that anyone can’t really buy, and perhaps the hardest thing about recreating this type of build is finding a discontinued sixth-gen chip.

And while we may not see a graphics card added to the mix on this build, Intel NUCs are starting to incorporate low-profile graphics cards, so they can serve as a good base for budget gaming rigs. in the future.

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