New Appian scheme gives you the chance to kickstart your career as a developer

Appian has launched a new initiative that it hopes will accelerate the adoption of low-code platforms and methodologies.

As part of the new #lowcodeforall program, the company will provide free tutelage designed to equip beginners developers with the low-code expertise necessary to operate in the professional environment.

Initially, the program will be open to current college students, graduates, military veterans, the unemployed, and anyone looking to change careers.

Appian #lowcodeforall

Low-code is a visual approach to software development which aims to simplify and accelerate the deployment of business applications, by significantly lowering the skills barrier.

Although in-house developers still need some skill (otherwise the training program wouldn’t be necessary), little complex programming is required to develop new apps with low-code platforms like Appian.

There is evidence to suggest the low-code movement is gaining momentum, with analyst house Gartner predicting that 70% of new applications are expected to be built on low-code technologies by 2025. However, a shortage of developers skilled workers can limit the extent of that growth, a problem that Appian would obviously benefit from solving.

“The global economy needs more developers. The ease of learning low-code allows people to change careers, update their skills and improve their situation. Appian is committed to making low-code careers accessible to everyone,” said Matt Cakins, CEO of Appian.

Members of the #lowcodeforall program will complete a comprehensive training program, culminating in the award of a “Low-Code Ready badge” which can be provided to potential employers and displayed on LinkedIn.

Earning the badge will allow participants to take the Appian Certified Associate Developer exam. This additional qualification will allow successful candidates access to recruitment partner #lowcodeforall recruitment network, which is designed to make it easier for promising developers to get their first job.

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Interested parties can apply to join the #lowcode4all program here.

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