New Microsoft OneDrive feature turns Windows 11 File Explorer on its head

Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 11 which introduces closer integration between online storage a service OneDrive and the File Explorer app.

Available to members of the Early Access Program, build 22593 allows Windows 11 users to set OneDrive as the default File Explorer folder, for easy access to documents and other files stored in the cloud.

Until now, although users can add a OneDrive folder to the sidebar, File Explorer has always opened to a home page designed to provide quick access to items stored on the local site. Hard disk.

OneDrive and Windows 11

In addition to the new home page option, the latest Windows 11 preview places a new OneDrive icon in the upper right corner of the File Explorer window.

Clicking the icon opens a drop-down menu that displays information about the user’s OneDrive status, including remaining storage capacity and file sync progress. The menu also allows the user to launch OneDrive in the Web browser and change their account settings.

While it’s not guaranteed that these new integrations will make it a full, public version of Windows 11, they are consistent with a number of other changes recently announced by Microsoft, which place greater emphasis on a mix of local and cloud experiences.

Last week, the company lifted the veil on a series of updates for Windows 365 that allow users to switch seamlessly between their on-premises and cloud-based Windows 11 desktops.

Generally speaking, upgrades are designed to provide users with easier access to their virtual officewhile preserving functionality in scenarios where an Internet connection is not available.

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At the time, we were told that Microsoft was looking for ways to erase the traditional mental demarcations that separate what happens at a device level versus the cloud level, enabling a level of flexibility previously unavailable to workers.

The OneDrive changes currently being tested can be seen as a logical extension of this ambition.

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