New report reveals the fastest mobile Internet – is it your carrier?

Ookla released his First Quarter 2022 Internet Speeds Report for the United States and revealed that T-Mobile has the best mobile connectivity of any provider, with Verizon being the best when it comes to broadband.

Ookla is the company behind speed test and they judge on three main categories: speed, latency and consistency, as well as regional and 5G performance.

The best mobile speeds in the United States

T-Mobile swept the top three categories for mobile speeds and 5G subcategories.

According to the report, T-Mobile has a download speed of 117.83 Mbps, up from 90.65 Mbps in Q4 2021. This makes T-Mobile more than twice as fast as AT&T.

For latency, T-Mobile is actually on par with Verizon Wireless at 31ms. And for its consistency score, T-Mobile scored 88.3% for consistent quality.

At the bottom of the list, T-Mobile has the best performing 5G network with a download speed of 191.12 Mbps, the most widely available network with 65% coverage and a consistency score of 79.9%.

Helping T-Mobile’s dominance is the ever-growing hardware that supports those speeds. Ookla reveals that the fastest chipset among popular brands is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile platform with a median speed of 122.68 Mbps.

It’s a chipset that powers some high-end Android phones, like the OnePlus 10 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra, whose brand has the fastest speeds among mobile companies.

The best broadband speeds for the US

For home broadband internet speeds, Verizon wins for fastest provider and latency, but loses to XFINITY for consistency.

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Verizon has a median download speed of 184.36 Mbps and a latency of 8ms. For the consistency score, XFINITY took first place with 90.6% and Verizon came in third with 89.4%. Spectrum took second place at 90.3%.

However, depending on which region of the United States you are looking at, these rankings change. XFINITY is fastest in thirteen states while Verizon wins in four.

In case you were curious, New Jersey is the state with the fastest internet speeds at 195.2 Mbps. Next come New York and Rhode Island with speeds of 179.32 and 173.09 Mbps, respectively. Wyoming, according to the study, has the slowest mobile broadband service.

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