New Wix partnership gives small businesses plenty to celebrate

website builder seller Wix is in partnership with SaaS LegalZoom platform to help small business owners create, manage and grow their online presence.

Through this partnership, SMBs will have the tools to create a website and legally set up their business in the United States, all in one place.

Once the collaboration begins in the second half of the year, business owners will be able to access legal information, tax and compliance solutions and services and immediate access to a website designed specifically for their type of business.

No Website Barriers for SMBs

The Wix and LegalZoom platforms will be available for SMBs to use personalized recommendations and solutions tailored to their needs at different stages of their business development.

“Our goal at LegalZoom is to support existing business owners as well as the next generation of entrepreneurs,” said Kathy Tsitovich, Director of Partnerships at LegalZoom.

“Having an easy way to build a beautiful website is almost universal for small business owners, and our integration with Wix in the US gives our users a seamless way to build their business and build their online presence. As a small business champion, we’re excited to see how our integration with Wix empowers entrepreneurs and supports their continued growth.”

Businesses coming to LegalZoom in their formation phase will be able to start their business and build an online presence using Wix’s website building service.

The process begins with a business categorization mechanism within the platform that identifies the client’s needs, allowing them to have a ready-to-use website created by Wix.

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Once available, entrepreneurs will have access to Wix’s full infrastructure and product offering, including customization capabilities and SEO toolsas well as e-commerce and marketing tools.

In turn, Wix users will be offered LegalZoom services, including new business formation, registered agent services, and trademark registration services.

“Wix shares LegalZoom’s goal of supporting SMBs and bringing entrepreneurs’ visions to life,” said Yaniv Vakrat, Chief Commercial Officer of Wix.

“We are thrilled that LegalZoom, the leader in online small business creation, has chosen us to help business owners in the United States have everything they need for their business, from creation to completion. day-to-day management. We are excited to continue to enter into strategic partnerships, like this one, to help SMEs grow at all touchpoints of their business.”

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