Nvidia could beat AMD in battle of next-gen GPUs going by latest leak


Nvidia’s RTX 4090 won’t be as power-hungry as expected, according to new speculation which also insists that AMD’s next-gen GPUs are “underwhelming” compared to Team Green’s Lovelace.

That’s the final word from one of the regular hardware leakers on Twitter, Kopite7kimi, who summed up some of the RTX 4090’s alleged specs, with a noticeable change in power consumption.

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As you can see, the claim is that the RTX 4090 will run 126 streaming multiprocessors, or 16,128 CUDA cores, with a power consumption of 450W. Kopite7kimi also repeated recent claims that the flagship of Lovelace will offer roughly double the performance of the RTX 3090 and come with 24GB of GDDR6X VRAM (running at 21Gbps).

The last part of the tweet will make dark reading for AMD, and simply states, “I’m disappointed with RDNA3. That’s all.”

Ouch, in a word.

Analysis: Reasons to be skeptical?

What’s so disappointing about AMD, then? The leaker doesn’t elaborate on that, though he’s been nudged several times by other Twitter dwellers to further explain why exactly RDNA 3 isn’t looking so good.

We can assume it’s probably related to the relative performance levels versus Nvidia Lovelace, and perhaps with the RTX 4090 with lower power requirements, the rumored AMD is taking leaps and bounds in terms of efficiency is no longer so convincing either.

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Keep in mind that the RTX 4090 was previously supposed to draw around 600W of power (even more with older rumors), and 450W seems much more acceptable than that. Don’t get me wrong, that’s still a lot, but in fact it’s the same as the RTX 3090 Ti, while delivering double the performance of the RTX 3090 – which would be impressive. (Assuming all of this is correct, of course, and remain very skeptical of this leak at this point).

If the RTX 4090 is going to use a quarter less power than expected, we can further assume that it would make sense that RTX 4000 graphics cards lower in the range would also be more docile when it comes to their demands on power. power supply screws. The RTX 4070 which was previously pinned with 300W consumption could end up at less than that.

Another benefit that Nvidia could have come with is another new rumor that just came out, which is that Team Green is set to launch its next-gen GPUs much earlier than expected, and we could see some sort of launch at the beginning of the third quarter – we are talking about July, apparently. Presumably this will only be an early reveal, but Nvidia should now make the leap to RDNA 3, and possibly a long way off – which could still be part of the reason why Kopite7kimi sees a “disappointment” in the cards for AMD when talking about the near future of the GPU world.

We’ll just have to see, however foolish it would be to get carried away with the idea that AMD has lost the next-gen GPU battle at this point, especially when things are still so up in the air with rumors around Team Red’s RX 7000 products.

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At the moment, the rumor can’t even decide whether or not the flagship RDNA 3 graphics card will have dual GPUs, but that could be seen as another indication that AMD’s next-gen products aren’t that close to the arrival (since leaker speculation tends to have at least the basics nailed closer to the launch of a range of GPUs).

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