Overwatch 2 isn’t even out yet and it’s one of the most popular games on Twitch

The Overwatch 2 beta continues to flex its muscles on Twitch, reaching a staggering new high for the game.

The Overwatch 2 beta broke its previous record (set yesterday around 500,000 viewers) with the new record this afternoon breaking 1 million for the first time. Leaving his own records in the dust is not a huge surprise. While Overwatch has maintained a dedicated playerbase despite two years without much content, it’s not exactly igniting the gaming world. Even more important to the fast pace is the fact that you can access the beta of Overwatch 2 watching enough from some streamers.

Other big fish in the pond, like Valorant, have come in to fill the hole left by Overwatch, and so Blizzard is putting it in front of as many faces as possible. By creating an opportunity to access the Overwatch 2 beta by watching streams, it has a chance to create a temporarily captive audience to give a second (or first) look.

The list of Twitch streamers involved in the promotion includes former Overwatch pros A_Seagull and xQc who currently draw over 100,000 viewers each. As it snowballs, other high-variety streamers will step in and drag their own audiences along for the ride.

Overwatch 2 Tops Twitch's Concurrent Viewer List

(Image credit: Twitch)

The beta will last a while longer and won’t end until May 17. Overwatch 2 will therefore have a chance to break its own records again. The main question is: by how much will the number of viewers drop after the end of the beta access program?

It’s hard to imagine that these huge numbers will continue, but they won’t go away either. With the renewed interest, streamers will keep playing and viewers will take notice.

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Of course, Warzone also has a chance to steal a good chunk of Overwatch 2’s thunder. Warzone Season 3 launched today – just a day after the Overwatch 2 beta, and its viewership numbers are increasing.

My bets are on Overwatch 2 to win the dust in between, but time will tell.

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