Pokémon Go teams up with Ecosia so you can plant trees as you play

Pokémon Go has teamed up with search engine Ecosia to host a new Community Day event that lets you plant trees while playing the game.

To celebrate Earth Day, Ecosia is announcing that it will plant a tree for every player who jumps into Pokémon Go on April 23 — the game’s next Community Day — and walks at least 5km. The event will run every Community Day through the end of July, with Ecosia committing to plant up to a total of 100,000 trees per month as part of the partnership.

You don’t have to spend your time catching pokemon to participate. Pikmin Bloom and Ingress, Pokémon Go developer Niantic’s other augmented reality mobile games, are also part of the event. Walk 5km in these games, and you’ll also have a tree planted by Ecosia on your behalf.

Ecosia, a self-proclaimed “green search engine,” has made a name for itself since its launch in 2009 by promising to donate a portion of its profits to global reforestation projects. He says the trees planted as part of this event will be placed in reforestation and biodiversity hotspots.

“We’re excited to provide an easy way for millions of Niantic players to get active on climate as they come together for Community Days over the coming months,” said Ruby Au, Planting Projects Network. trees and impact manager at Ecosia.

“Our partnership with world-renowned companies like Niantic allows us to continue to fund reforestation and biodiversity projects around the world to support communities and invest in our planet for the future.

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Stuff in Pokemon Go

(Image credit: Niantic)

Community Days have recently become a hot topic in the Pokémon Go community. Niantic has angered some players by returning monthly events to their pre-pandemic outdoor formats. They were changed in early 2020 to run for six hours, down from three, in an effort to encourage social distancing and avoid unnecessary mixing between players.

This has been reversed for this upcoming April Community Day. The main event will run for three hours from 2-5pm local time.

While some gamers are concerned about the inflated risks of catching and spreading Covid, Niantic says it wants to get the trainers out and was keen to emphasize the social aspect of the game.

In addition to Ecosia’s Tree Planting Event, April’s Community Day will introduce new Stufful Pokémon to the game, a set of events, and the usual list of bonus buffs.

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