Portal may be on Nintendo 64 before coming to the Switch

A small team worked hard with a demake of Portal, but the real boost is that it runs on Nintendo 64 hardware. no more specific release date than “2022” for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo enthusiast James Lambert has released a video showing off the power of Nintendo’s 25-year-old cartridge console as he tests out the Portal Gun addition to the project. Showing the basics of the portal gun, he is initially skeptical of the engine’s ability to render recursive portals. But as he experiments, James quickly increases his predictions from four portals deep to six while still functioning correctly. After iterating on his success like any mad scientist would, James finally rests his case: 14 portals deep is as high as he’s going to try.

James goes on to explain that he uses a rendering process that “eliminates” all off-screen objects so the player saves resources by making them invisible. Leaving aside the nightmarish philosophical implications of everything that disappears when you look the other way, this trick is a nifty way to push the limits of the hardware of the N64, which has a venerable 93MHz processor and 4MB of RAM. And, in case you forgot, we already know the N64 will run Doom.

The world of demakes has been a veritable goldmine of late, with an excellent Horizon Zero Dawn concept rendering for the PS1 more recently. Further back, there was even a Bloodborne fan remake imagined as a PS1 game actually available to play this spring. The bridge between nostalgia and creativity is powerful and makes me want to see even more playable ideas come to fruition.

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Propelled by the force of wickedly clever writing, Disco Elysium would be at home in an age of clever and fun MS-DOS games like Quest for Glory. Despite its gorgeous art style, it would slip effortlessly into the guise of an early ’90s EGA/VGA graphical adventure game. by Daylight or Evil Dead: The Game would be hilarious as split-screen games of the CRT era. I also imagine they would be likely to start fights. But who hasn’t argued for cheating on screen in Goldeneye in his youth?

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