Prime Video finds its Phoebe Waller-Bridge replacement in Mr and Mrs Smith reboot

Prime Video’s new TV adaptation of the hit action comedy Mr and Mrs Smith has a new Mrs Smith.

When it was first announced in February 2021 that the 2005 film, which starred Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, was being telecast by Prime Video (opens in a new tab)the news was accompanied by confirmation that Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller-Bridge would take the title roles.

Glover remained on board, but Waller-Bridge left the project in September 2021, citing creative differences.

The question of his replacement has been the subject of intense speculation, but a name has now been confirmed by Glover himself.

Speaking to Interview Magazine, (opens in a new tab) the Atlanta star revealed that Maya Erskine, who is best known for her role as Maya Ishii-Peters in the hit Hulu (opens in a new tab) comedy Pen15, will play opposite him.

Glover said of the cast, “She’s dope. It’s exciting. I really like the show. I’m writing the finale now.”

Upon Waller-Bridge’s departure, Glover simply chalked the reasoning up to “classic creative differences.”

Mr. and Mrs. Smith played Pitt and Jolie as a married couple going through hardship. As far as the two characters know, John Smith is a construction executive and Jane is a tech support consultant. However, the pair quickly discover that they are both assassins, from competing agencies, who have been assigned to kill each other.

The film was a box office success, grossing nearly $500 million. Although no sequel was ever greenlit, writer Simon Kinberg penned a television spin-off in 2007, although it never made it past the pilot stage.

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For the reboot, Glover, who has an overall deal with Amazon, is the project’s co-creator, writer, and executive producer.

There is no release date for the series yet.

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