Roku owners will be the first to stream bizarre new Nic Cage movie

Roku has a streaming exclusivity deal with Lionsgate to air its movies on the Roku Channel after they debut on Starz. This means that recent and upcoming movies produced by Lionsgate will stream first for owners of Roku’s various streaming sticks. Additionally, many of these films are also somewhat prolific.

Deadline reports that the deal, which is expected to last several years, will bring all Lionsgate-produced film sets for theatrical release on the ad-supported Roku channel after a brief window of exclusivity on the Starz streaming channel. .

These movies include Nicolas Cage’s latest (and possibly weirdest) film, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, as well as several highly anticipated titles like John Wick 4, Expendables 4, and the upcoming Borderlands film adaptation of the popular franchise. video games.

Another big win for Roku?

This multi-year deal with Lionsgate means the best Roku streaming sticks have yet another arrow in their quiver. Roku has impressed in recent years with its high-quality and affordable streaming devices, some of which support 4K viewing. Not only that, the streamer has one of the most robust slates of streaming channels, from popular picks like Netflix and Disney Plus to a litany of services covering specific entertainment like documentaries or sports.

The addition of Lionsgate-produced theatrical releases is a great addition if you’re particularly worried about returning to the cinema during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. That means you’ll be able to watch huge blockbusters like John Wick 4 and the Jennifer Lopez-led Shotgun Wedding soon after they debut in theaters.

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Roku itself has been on a bit of a roll over the past couple of months. Roku OS 11’s latest update added much-needed personalization and content recommendation upgrades to its streaming sticks, while adding an AI-driven dialog boost as an accessibility feature .

You could then argue that there’s never been a better time to own a Roku streaming device, especially given these crucial updates alongside exclusive entertainment in the form of Lionsgate-produced movies.

And if you’ve just bought a Roku streamer for yourself, we’ve got detailed guides on setting up a Roku streaming stick, connecting your Roku streamer to Wi-Fi, and even a quick look at three Roku tricks. underestimated. it will make you a streaming pro.

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