Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 leak points to a battery capacity boost

As the expected August launch window draws closer, we’re starting to hear more about what the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 might have to offer – and according to the latest rumor, it might come with a modest capacity upgrade drums.

Information obtained by GalaxyClub (via GSMArena) suggests that the upcoming foldable flip phone could come with a pair of batteries, with nominal capacities of 2,400mAh and 903mAh respectively.

Do the math and it’s 3,303 mAh in total. While Samsung and other phone makers advertise what are known as typical rather than nominal battery capacities, the phone will most likely be marketed as having a 3,400mAh capacity, compared to 3,300mAh on the Galaxy Z Flip. 3.

Battery life

In other words, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 seems to have a slightly bigger battery than its predecessor. Whether that will lead to better battery life remains to be seen – it depends on what Samsung engineers have done with the rest of the phone.

Improvements in processor technology usually mean that newer processors use less power than older ones, but there’s also the display and software to consider when determining how long the phone will last. will last between charges.

We’ll have to reserve judgment until we can actually test the phone, but if this leak turns out to be accurate, we’re hoping Samsung’s next foldable flip handset will at least match the battery life we’ve got. saw the last time. model of the year – and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 lasts about a day between charges, according to our review.

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Analysis: what we know so far

Year after year, Samsung is steadily improving its foldable smartphone technology, which means expectations are high for the arrival of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4. Both phones are expected to appear around August. , if Samsung sticks to its usual schedule.

There was a lot about the Galaxy Z Flip 3 that impressed, and so Samsung may not try to change too much this time around. We heard that the screen sizes will remain the same, for example: 6.7 inches for the main screen and 1.9 inches for the cover screen.

Another leak highlighted an improved rear camera on the back of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, along with improved battery capacity (confirmed by the rumor we described above). There’s also been talk of a rotating camera, but we think that might have to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

All will be revealed in a few months, and as always, pricing will be crucial: the Galaxy Z Flip 3 started at $999 / £949 / AU$1,499, so we hope Samsung can beat that in 2022. It certainly looks like if Samsung expects to move a lot of units.

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