Samsung to supply Dish Network with Open RAN 5G kit

Samsung’s bid to become a major player in the telecommunications equipment market has been boosted by a major contract with US operator Dish Network to supply radio access network (RAN) hardware and software for its future 5G network.

The Korean electronics giant will provide Open RAN-enabled virtualized RAN (vRAN) technology to Dish, as it seeks to reach its goal of covering 20% ​​of the US population with 5G coverage by June 2022, for reach 70% by 2023.

Open RAN is a vendor-neutral approach with standardized designs that allow various companies to deliver hardware and software. This should in theory increase competition, innovation and flexibility, while reducing costs.

Samsung 5G kit

Samsung has traditionally had a limited presence in the telecom equipment market, but sees 5G as a huge opportunity.

Unlike other vendors, Samsung focuses its resources on 4G, 5G, and 6G rather than legacy technologies, and can provide an end-to-end proposition that combines chipsets, radios, and cores. He has also been very interested in Open RAN, in collaboration with the British operator Virgin Media O2, while he also has an agreement with another American operator, Verizon Wireless.

“Samsung is thrilled to join this 5G journey with Dish, a pioneer in bringing new experiences to households and businesses across the country, leveraging the openness and virtualization that are at the heart of the evolution of the network,” said Mark Louison, Head of Networks Business, Samsung Electronics Americas.

“Our advanced 5G vRAN and radio solutions combine telecom-grade quality and cloud-based agility, building on these advantages to enable more customers to experience the full value of commercial 5G Open RAN.

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Dish is best known for its satellite TV business, but is expanding into the mobile space after buying spectrum assets and prepaid mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Boost Mobile from T-Mobile and Sprint as a condition of the $26 billion merger of the two companies. in 2020.

The competition authorities wanted to ensure that the merger would not reduce the number of major operators in the United States from three to four and were keen to promote another player.

As part of the deal, Dish retains an MVNO deal with T-Mobile so it can serve customers before its own network is ready. The agreement with Samsung and the use of Open RAN technology are essential if Dish is to achieve its objectives imposed by the regulator.

“Samsung’s 5G solutions will play a critical role in expanding our network, giving us the flexibility to deploy our cloud-native network with software solutions that support advanced services and operational scalability,” said John Swieringa, President and Chief Operating Officer of Dish. Wireless.

“We look forward to working with Samsung, whose industry leadership in vRAN and Open RAN innovation will help support our vision to deliver open and interoperable cloud-based 5G services to consumers and businesses across the world. United States.

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