See how NVIDIA Studio lets you leverage AI to enhance your creative workflow

Digital artworks may come from the creator’s hands, but ultimately it’s about hardware and software to bring the creator’s imagination to life. With the NVIDIA Studio platform, the creative tools available have just been vastly improved.

NVIDIA has built a powerful toolkit that offers everything from hardware acceleration and workflow integrations to AI-powered capabilities for a wide variety of applications.

Whether you work in photography, video, or 3D art, NVIDIA Studio provides technologies you can immediately use in your workflow on NVIDIA-powered hardware.

Videographers can take advantage of a host of AI-enabled features in DaVinci Resolve, such as the ability to generate additional frames to create smooth slow-motion footage. The AI ​​can automatically perform retouching on the actors, so you don’t have to do it manually, frame by frame. AI can also intelligently fill the space between pixels to increase the resolution of your video.

You can even have the AI ​​remove objects from your shots. Adobe Premiere Pro users can quickly create clips for social media with AI that automatically crops video to match the aspect ratio used on various social media sites.

Photographic work can take a huge hit with super resolution to scale images with AI in Adobe Lightroom Classic, discovering how to fill the space between pixels with hardware acceleration speeding up the process.

NVIDIA Studio’s artificial intelligence can also make smart selections and adjustments on the fly, letting you quickly select the sky or subject in Adobe Photoshop to create complex masks or apply neural filters to an object’s face. a subject, altering everything from their apparent age and mood to the direction they face.

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NVIDIA Studio Tools

(Image credit: NVIDIA)

NVIDIA also provides its own applications for creation. NVIDIA Canvas is a powerful tool for quickly creating scenery, allowing you to draw a simple scene and have the AI ​​render a realistic environment to your specifications.

NVIDIA Studio Tools

(Image credit: NVIDIA)

NVIDIA Broadcast offers real-time features to enhance webcams with AI-powered background blur or replacement, auto-framing, ambient noise cancellation, and camera noise reduction.

NVIDIA Studio Tools

(Image credit: NVIDIA)

Meanwhile, NVIDIA Omniverse provides a way to consolidate your workflow and collaborator work from a variety of 3D applications into one place.

Because seeing is believing, NVIDIA launched the From the NVIDIA Studio Blog, a privileged showcase of the talent of creators and artists like you. Each entry in In the NVIDIA studio will spotlight a new artist using the NVIDIA platform, showcasing their artwork and process.

This week’s artist is a San Francisco-based creator Karen X.Chengwhich takes full advantage of the power of NVIDIA Canvas and the performance of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU to create landscapes.

While exploring the city or her social media feed, Cheng can find inspiration and quickly turn it into digital creations with the portable power of Canvas running an NVIDIA Studio laptop. Although she feels like she has no drawing skills, Cheng’s use of the tool makes her feel like she has “artistic superpowers”, with the ability to quickly sketch out an idea. and end up with a realistic landscape. To show how fast NVIDIA Canvas can help her turn concepts into creations, she will race against other artists Don Allen Stevenson III to paint viewer suggestions in an Instagram livestream on May 12.

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To keep up with the latest technologies that come with NVIDIA Studio, you can stay tuned to the In the NVIDIA studio Blog here.

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