Shadow cloud PC relaunch looks to outdo Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia

Shadow, the cloud gaming platform that does things quite differently – as it’s not just a simple streaming service, but more of a full-featured cloud gaming PC – has announced a relaunch major which will take place next month.

The company – which was acquired by OVHcloud founder Octave Klaba in May 2021 – has revealed that a “Shadow Spotlight” keynote will reveal its relaunch plans and “strategic vision for the years to come”. Additionally, he “will deliver on promises made to his community,” the firm wrote in a teaser press release for the May 18 event.

There will be a bunch of new announcements about the cloud gaming service, and plenty to get excited about, apparently. Indeed, we are told that: “2022 will be a huge year for Shadow and we can’t wait to update our community with everything we have for them!”

The launch event will kick off at 8:00 a.m. US Pacific Time (4:00 p.m. UK time) on May 18, as mentioned on Shadow’s YouTube and Twitch channels (plus Twitter).

Analysis: what is hiding in the shadows?

The strength of Shadow is, of course, the fact that you get what is essentially a full PC remote, not just a streaming service packaged for specific games or products. In other words, you can use this virtual Windows 10 PC to do whatever you want (even upgrade it to Windows 11, as we’ve seen, although Microsoft’s latest operating system is still not available). not officially supported on a Shadow PC installation).

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Exactly what changes are coming we can’t be sure – perhaps Windows 11 support for one thing – as the information in this first teaser is pretty thin on the ground. Although the press mentions creatives and professional users, it could indicate different levels of subscription aimed at these people, perhaps.

What’s also welcome is a mention in the press material of making the service more “accessible and affordable”, which can only be a good thing, assuming, of course, it doesn’t. not just general marketing chatter.

Better stability is also another vague promise, and we can guess some improved specs to boot, as the Shadow PC’s current GPU, a GTX 1080 equivalent, doesn’t feel exactly cutting edge for contemporary gaming (remember, Nvidia now offers an RTX 3080 level with its GeForce Now streaming service).

Whatever the relaunch brings, we’ll find out soon enough, and we’re certainly eager to see how Shadow revamps its cloud PC offering to better support rival gaming services like the aforementioned GeForce Now or even Google Stadia.

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