Simple Our 20 Best Zucchini Recipes Recipe

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Whether it’s your garden that is overflowing with those late summer, too-big zucchini or your CSA basket or just the produce aisle at the grocery store, we’ve got 20 zucchini recipes that’ll help you figure out the best way to use up this super healthy, easy-to-cook (and easy on the budget) veggie. Grab your cutting board (or your spiralizer) and let’s make some super delicious zucchini recipes!

zucchini fritters with tzatziki dipping sauce
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‘Oodles of Zoodles! 3 Delicious Recipes with Zucchini Noodles

  • Coconut Curry Zoodle Ramen. Warming and vegan, this creamy coconut curry ramen with zucchini noodles couldn’t possibly be healthier or more delicious.

  • Pesto Zoodle Salad. This stunningly beautiful, twisty-twirly pesto zoodle recipe with fresh mozzarella, chicken and toasted pine nuts is a textural, colorful study in how to make the most of the late-summer harvest.

  • Thai Zoodle Salad. Tossed in a creamy, Thai-inspired peanut dressing, this crunchy, colorful cold Thai zoodle recipe is quick, healthy and satisfying.

  • Lasagna Stuffed Zucchini Boats. These lasagna-stuffed zucchini boats are much healthier than their carby counterparts and come together easily, making them perfect for dinner any night of the week.

  • 30 Minute Garlic Ginger Salmon Dinner. You’re probably getting the feeling that zucchini and salmon go really well together and you’re right! Healthy, easy to cook and in season at the same time, they’re one of our favorite late summer pairings.

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