Skull and Bones gets a rating, suggesting a release date could be on the horizon


Ubisoft’s highly anticipated and oft-delayed Skull and Bones has received a rating in South Korea, suggesting its release may be on the horizon.

The rating for the PC version of Skull and Bones was first spotted on South Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee website by Twitter user @the_marmolade (via VGC). According to the site, the game’s rating was dropped on May 12 and it appears to have been classified as an adult game and “not available for youth”. We realize that a rated “arrr” joke would be totally unoriginal here, which is why we absolutely don’t do it. Not at all.

As for the in-game details provided by the note, there’s nothing particularly in-depth. Describing it as “An open-world action game set in the Indian Ocean with the golden age of pirates in the background”, the list cites instances of drug, alcohol and smoking in the game as justification for the decision.

The fact that Skull and Bones is currently being evaluated suggests that its development is moving forward and, perhaps, nearing completion. This comes just days after Ubisoft said in a financial briefing that it expects the game to launch this fiscal year, so before April 2023, without giving an exact release date.

We don’t know when we can expect our next official Skull and Bones progress update, or when we’ll see a new look at it. However, the Summer Game Fest is approaching and is sure to bring many exciting reveals and updates from the publishers. So now could be the perfect time for Ubisoft to give gamers a preview of what it has up its sleeve for the rest of the fiscal year, although Ubisoft has yet to announce any plans.

Analysis: Where did Skull and Bones go?

Skull and Bones hasn’t had the smoothest development, to be sure. After being revealed in 2017, its release has been repeatedly pushed back amid reports of a mid-development reboot.

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Indeed, in a September 2020 update, Ubisoft Singapore’s creative director, Elisabeth Pellen, said the game was being created with a “new vision” and, in February 2022, Ubisoft said Skull and Bones was now a “multiplayer-first” game, after the early E3 presentations had made a few mentions of single-player elements.

Most recently, in April, a few minutes of gameplay footage leaked (via VGC). Ubisoft seemed to respond telling fans to “keep your eyes on the horizon”. At the end of April, Tom Henderson also reported invitations for technical playtests are sent out. All in all, it all looks pretty promising that Skull and Bones could make this release before April 2023.

It really feels like Skull and Bones is long overdue. We’ve been looking at the game since E3 2017 and 2018 and had a great time at both shows. Naturally, that will have since changed, so we can’t wait to see what Ubisoft has planned.

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