Skullcandy’s new Mod earbuds can be found with Tile technology

Skullcandy reminds us that Bluetooth headphones under $60 are possible if you can live with a few caveats.

This week, the company unveiled its next Mod True Wireless Headphones which come with some great features, like loud sound, long battery life, and that $59.99 price tag, but no noise cancellation.

As expected, the budget headphones don’t offer any sort of game-changing features. Still, there are a few nifty ones and at least one surprise in this discounted bundle.

Total control

For starters, Mod Earbuds come with multipoint pairing which allows you to connect up to two separate devices at the same time. You can watch a movie on your laptop and then switch to your phone to answer a call without missing a beat.

As mentioned, the headphones don’t have active noise cancellation, but the mods have the combination of Clear Voice Smart Mic and Stay-Aware Mode.

Clear Voice Smart Mic uses AI to block out outside noise and isolate a voice while you’re on a call to ensure better audio quality. And Stay-Aware Mode lets you control the amount of ambient noise let in while wearing the Mods. This way you can always pay attention to the world around you.

These audio control features can be accessed through the Skullcandy app which offers different EQ configurations for music, podcasts, or your own custom settings.

Among the standout features is the built-in tile finder technology. It allows you to find missing headphones through the Tile app. According to Tile, your missing bud will start “ringing” and direct you to its last known location.

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And then there’s the long battery life. Mods can, according to the company, last up to seven hours on a single charge, but if paired with the charging case, that number can go up to 34 hours. The battery sports fast charging, which Skullcandy says delivers two hours of playtime after just 10 minutes of charging.

big sound

If you’re interested in specs, the mods are pretty decent in that regard as well. Their speakers are 6mm in diameter and have a range, Skullcandy notes, of up to around 95 decibels. But they can fluctuate up or down 3 decibels at a time. To put that into perspective, it’s the same decibel level of a motorcycle engine so be careful not to play them too loud.

The headphones have an IP55 dust and water resistance rating. This means they can survive sand blasts or splashes, but cannot survive submersion.

Skullcandy’s Mod Headphones are currently available for pre-order. If you can’t afford the $60 price, you can make four payments of $14.99 with no interest added.

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