Sonic Origins locks game modes behind paid DLC – and fans aren’t happy

Sega has announced that Sonic Origins will release later this year, remastering four classic Sonic games in one collection, but locking much of their content behind additional paid DLC.

Sonic Origins remasters Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC, introducing new game visuals, modes and content. will be released on June 23 – the Blue Blur’s 31st anniversary.

All four games can be played in Classic or Anniversary mode. Classic will recreate the original experience, presenting the games at their original resolutions while giving you a finite number of lives. Anniversary Mode, on the other hand, lets you play the games in full screen and gives you an infinite number of lives to go through.

You can play each game as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles, and new missions will allow you to collect medallions, which can be spent in a new museum area to unlock additional content and stages to play. You can watch the games in action below.

However, the Sonic Origins website shows that some content will only be available via additional DLC, locking it behind a paywall even for those who pay $39.99 / £32.99 – around AU$54 – for the game. base. To unlock everything, you’ll need to purchase three expansions: the Premium Fun Pack, the Classic Music Pack, and the Start Dash Pack.

The Premium Fun Pack adds challenging missions, mailbox background, character animations in the main menu, camera controls on main menu islands, and character animations during music islands.

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The Classic Music Pack, on the other hand, includes 73 additional music tracks from Sonic Spinball, Chaotix, and Sonic 3D Blast that were originally released for Sega Genesis.

The cost of each DLC has not been announced, but the digital deluxe edition of the game, which includes both expansions, costs an additional $44.99 / £36.98 – additional content priced around $5.

(Image credit: SEGA)

The Start Dash pack adds mirror mode, a mailbox background, and 100 bonus coins. It’s free for anyone who pre-orders the standard or deluxe version of the game.

While the extra content won’t make a huge dent in your wallet, its pricing structure has rubbed some people the wrong direction. Not only will they be released alongside the base game, but the add-ons are just minor additions that, at the time of Sonic’s original release, would have been included as free unlockable extras, rather than paid DLC.

Stranger still, the digital deluxe edition of the game doesn’t include the Start Dash pack unless you pre-order it, which means those who buy the deluxe version of the game after launch won’t have access to it. all of its content.

Billed as the ultimate remaster of classic Sega titles, Sonic Origins has generated a lot of excitement among fans of the series, promising to bring the acclaimed games fully to modern hardware for the first time. This excitement has somewhat diminished in the face of this additional monetization.

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