Spotify Island in Roblox is exactly what it sounds like

Throwing its hat into the metaverse ring, Spotify has launched a new digital space with a rotating theme where gamers can enter to create music and play games.

The well named Spotify Island is available on Roblox, although the name is a bit misleading. Judging from the trailer and the first YouTube videos, space looks more like an archipelago as players can jump from island to island with a large central hub in the middle.

As it’s all about music, the Big Island is home to a big-screen stage for concerts and “Soundtrap-powered beat-making stations.” You can play in this world by download it from Roblox.

Creation of child-friendly rhythms

Soundtrap is an online audio station owned by Spotify that people can use to make music with or record a podcast. But since it’s child’s play, making music is pretty rudimentary.

All over the digital world you will come across these pink stones that create sound when pressed. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to record these base beats in-game. Your friends have to be there in person to enjoy your creation, so to speak.

If you’re not musically inclined, there are other game modes to enjoy. You can climb to the top of the leaderboard by collecting points or go on an Easter egg hunt to get exclusive products. Speaking of which, Spotify is working on a program for fans to partner with the company to create in-game merchandise.

And a portion of those profits will go to the musical artist featured in the merchandising. But this program is still ongoing and there is no information on when it will be implemented.

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Spotify Island is not a static world, as it will undergo thematic changes. The first theme is K-Park, inspired by K-Pop music. In fact, the island will host two K-Pop artists later this spring.

K-Pop singer SUNMI and boy group Stray Kids will be interacting with fans on Spotify Island in the coming weeks, but there is no confirmed date.

Since this is a children’s game, it’s probably safe to assume that hardcore rap or death metal won’t be a future theme.

A recurring theme with these open-world sandbox games is expansion into child-centric spaces. Minecraft has taken the first steps with its Education Edition for schools.

Epic Games, creators of Fortnite, are also expanding into this genre by partnering with The Lego Group to create a metaverse playground for kids.

There are few bigger names in the kids’ world building space than Roblox, and now, with the help of Spotify, it’s expanding into music, with a kid-safe twist.

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