Steam Deck won’t install a game as it’s blocked? Don’t panic, Valve says this is just a glitch

Some Steam Deck owners have recently started to worry that it’s possible for developers to prevent their games from playing on the portable gaming PC, but Valve quickly confirmed that it wasn’t. the case, and confusion has arisen over what is actually a ‘technical problem’ and an error – which has now been corrected.

It started on Twitter where it was observed that Demon Gaze Extra, a JRPG, seemed to be configured in such a way that it could not be installed on Steam Deck (but if you downloaded to desktop and transferred the game files, it has worked).

This raised the possibility of some game developers intentionally flagging their titles and blocking them from being installed on Valve’s device, but the Steam Deck maker was quick to point out that was not the case.

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In an email to PC Gamer, Valve explained that: “Prior to the launch of Deck, we added functionality for developers to mark certain content/repositories as relevant only to Deck customers.

“This would allow developers to automatically provide a different default graphics configuration on Deck, for example. There was a technical issue with the way this feature was delivered, and therefore unfortunately some content was incorrectly labeled as the reverse (“deliver these repositories to every client *not* on a Deck”).”

Valve further noted that the relevant functionality has been updated so that it is no longer possible for developers to accidentally flag their games as blocked, and for any games that are already in the dilemma where they cannot be installed due to this issue, Valve says it’s “working with partners to resolve the issue.”

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Analysis: A little ado about nothing

It turned out to be a bit of a fuss for nothing more, so thankfully; and hopefully all affected games will be sorted by Valve and the respective game developers shortly.

Valve certainly seems serious about making rapid progress with the Steam Deck in terms of addressing issues that crop up, as we’ve seen with the recent beta that seems to be tackling fan whine issues that some owners are complaining about. are complained.

Granted, the reduction in noise comes with an increase in the device’s internal temperatures, but remember that the fan fix is ​​still in beta and hopefully with more testing, any unwanted side effects should be resolved. (Note that times don’t get problematic either – PC Gamer itself has done some testing and that’s apparently the case even with more demanding titles like Elden Ring).

Game compatibility is also moving at a certain speed, as Valve recently let us know that it has now brought over 2,000 games into the verified or playable fold – essentially the titles considered to work well with the Steam Deck – and the majority of the most popular games. PC games also fall into this category.

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