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It’s the cat’s meow.

A study published in the journal Nature indicates that cats that live together can know who their human housemates are calling.

Researchers at Kyoto University in Japan report that when they showed cats pictures of other cats they knew and played a recording of their owners saying that cat’s name, there seemed to be a greater familiarity.

When they mixed pictures of cats with those same owners saying a different cat name, the tested kittens stared at the picture longer, which the researchers interpreted as a possible sign of confusion.

The longer the tested cats knew each other, the more they looked at photos associated with the cat’s incorrect name. Non-domestic cats, those who live in cat cafes, apparently didn’t show the same hesitation when presented with names and pictures of other cats.

This same study also indicated that it is possible that cats learn to know the names of the people they live with.

The researchers admitted that one of the subjects they studied got an incomplete result because “she escaped from the room”.

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