Succession creator shares promising update on HBO’s best show

At the sound of things, Succession fans won’t have too long to wait for the return of TV’s most dysfunctional family.

Show creator Jesse Armstrong addressed reporters at the BAFTA TV Awards yesterday (8 May), where he accepted the award for Best Supporting Actor on behalf of Matthew Macfadyen, and said revealed that the writing process on Succession season 4 is almost complete.

“We’ve almost finished writing Season 4, here in London, with the American screenwriters coming in,” Armstrong said, adding that he will soon share the script with the show’s cast for comment, as “it’s helpful, they’re smart and think about their character[s].”

The admission will come as music to the ears of fans troubled by the radio silence surrounding the Emmy winner’s upcoming season. HBO Max Pin up. Succession was renewed for a fourth season in October 2021, but no official casting, production, or plot details were shared in the months that followed.

Main man Brian Cox – who plays head of household Logan Roy on the show – revealed, in an October interview with QGwhich the producers were aiming to begin filming in June 2022 – though that timeline depends on the writing process taking place in January.

Yet there is every chance that Armstrong and his team did to get to work on the script for Season 4 of Succession earlier this year, so production could possibly take off in the coming months. If that were the case, we’d expect the show to return between October and December 2022 – in other words, a year after Succession season 3 premiered.

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You will find a complete overview of the potential plots of the upcoming season in our dedicated section. centeralthough given that HBO executive Francesca Orsi said in her October renewal announcement that “Jesse Armstrong [continues] to surpass our wildest expectations” with each new entry in the series, it’s probably best to just expect the unexpected from Season 4 of Succession.

Still image from Succession season 3

Season 3 of Succession ended with the show’s biggest suspense yet (Image credit: HBO)

Will season 4 be the last of the series?

As for whether the fourth season of Succession will be its last, we’re confident it won’t. HBO didn’t hint at any other entries in its October renewal press release, though various confessions made by the cast and crew in the months since have reassured us.

More recently, when asked how long he intended to run the show at the BAFTA TV Awards, creator Armstrong said, “I won’t answer that question specifically. I don’t think it should last forever. But we’re still having fun right now.

In the aforementioned GQ interview, series stalwart Brian Cox said he expected “maybe two more series and then I think we’ll be done.” The show’s executive producer, Georgia Pritchett, also echoed that sentiment when speaking to The temperature last year: “I think the maximum would be five seasons,” she said.

It would, of course, be in HBO’s interest to get the most out of Armstrong’s fan-favorite series – although Logan Roy may only spend a short time rocking a successor to his media empire.

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