The Batman is officially getting a sequel

Given the huge commercial and critical success of The Batman, we’ve always assumed that Warner Bros. would possibly greenlight a sequel to this year’s most jaw-dropping superhero movie.

Well, guess no further, because a sequel to The Batman was officially announced today during the film studio’s presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

Warner Bros. revealed that director Matt Reeves would return to write and direct the sequel, with star Robert Pattinson confirmed to play the Caped Crusader again.

During the presentation, Reeves took the stage to thank attendees for their “huge support for The Batman”, stating that “We couldn’t have gotten here without the faith and enthusiasm of all of your teams across the world. I’m excited to be back in this world for the next chapter.”

It’s no surprise that Warner Bros. be so quick to announce a sequel to The Batman – the film has so far amassed $759 million at the global box office, while its streaming debut on HBO Max saw 720,000 US households watch the film when it premiered. first day alone.

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No other details about The Batman sequel were offered during the presentation, though Reeves promised more would be revealed “at an upcoming CinemaCon.” With that in mind, here’s what we know.

Although information on The Batman 2 is slim at this point, it’s highly likely that Jeffrey Wright will return as Lieutenant James Gordon, with Andy Serkis as Alfred. It’s also entirely possible that Zoë Kravitz and Colin Farrell will return as Catwoman and Penguin respectively, though that surely depends on who the movie’s villain will be.

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Speaking of villains, it’s also possible that Barry Keoghan’s Joker could return for the sequel after his fleeting appearance in the first movie, though we don’t expect him to be Batman’s main adversary – Reeves recently said. told The Wrap that the Joker scene in The Batman was not about setting up a sequel, but more about closing the Riddler arc.

Considering the movie was only just announced, it might be a while before we see this particular iteration of Batman in a new adventure. Thankfully, other versions of the character will return in 2023’s The Flash, as well as the upcoming Batgirl movie.

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