The Minecraft movie still exists, and stars…Jason Momoa?

Yes, there’s still supposed to be a Minecraft movie, and as hard as it is to imagine a Jason Momoa voxel, we might see him as Steve.

It looks like a Mad Libs that rolled off the shelf already scrawled, but the well goes deeper. Warner Bros. is behind the film, and they have Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess helming the film, just in case you were wondering what the style might look like.

The questions are already overflowing: will the film have a realistic look or will it stick to the cube roots of Minecraft? Will it take itself seriously like World of Warcraft did, or will we see a Minecraft-themed version of Nacho Libre humor?

Minecraft - Steve contemplates existence from the top of a mountain at sunset

(Image credit: Microsoft/Mojang)

The opportunities for absolute disaster seem to outweigh those for a surprisingly deep and meaningful film. Maybe even on par with other legendary video game movies.

The best result is probably something akin to the original Lego Movie, which combined respect for (plastic) blocks with visual flair and a skillfully told story about creativity and sharing. This sort of approach might also make the most sense, since Momoa has previously acted, both in person and voice-only, as Aquaman, while Hess has recently been attached to a few animated projects.

It’s also entirely possible that a Free Guy-style live-action movie will come out of it. If we all get to see Jason Momoa pounding blocks with a pixel pickaxe, it’ll be worth the price of admission, even with second and third mortgages for popcorn and milk duds.

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