The Oculus Quest 2 Pro could be announced at next week’s Meta showcase

Could next week’s Meta Quest Gaming showcase also include an announcement for an Oculus Quest 2 Pro?

This could be the case as a technical analyst Ming Chi Kuo (opens in a new tab) (via PCGamesN (opens in a new tab)) predicts that Meta will soon refresh its VR headset with improved screen resolution and new mini LED displays. This newly upgraded Quest headset should drop in “2H22” (the second half of 2022) according to Kuo.

Meta has already announced that its high-end Project Cambria VR headset will drop this year, however, Kuo’s use of “Oculus Quest” suggests the company will also unveil a new member to its existing budget line.

This Quest Pro headset would feature two new 2.48-inch mini LED displays with a resolution of 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye (a substantial upgrade over the 1832 x 1920 pixel dual LCD screen that the Quest 2 currently uses).

The new headset will also replace its 1P Fresnel lenses with a slimmer 2P pancake design.

Kuo doesn’t hint at any other changes coming to the headset – however, these smaller upgrades suggest we might be looking at an Oculus Quest 2 Pro rather than a full Oculus Quest 3.

Analysis: The Quest 2 Pro just makes sense

A new budget headset makes a lot of sense for Meta in 2022. While Meta plans to launch the Project Cambria device this year, it has already warned people that it will be an expensive headset that fans of more casual virtual reality might want to avoid.

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With Sony set to launch the PSVR 2 headset this year – which will likely be aimed at more budget-conscious gamers – Meta runs the risk of losing ground in the market as people wanting to try out the latest VR tech (but not wanting to pay an arm and a leg) turn to Sony.

An Oculus Quest 2 Pro, with improved specs but at a more affordable price than Cambria, could ease some of those pressures. Combined with Meta’s existing dominance in the space (with some of the best VR games available), the company could comfortably ward off the Sony VR threat if it plays its cards right.

PSVR 2 headset design and controllers

Will Sony win the VR crown? (Image credit: Sony Computer Interactive Entertainment)

A new headphone launch would also help cement the Meta name change.

Most people still call their headset the Oculus Quest 2, but officially it’s now the Meta Quest 2. The new name has yet to stick, and it likely comes from the device that originally launched under the Oculus title, and people are more familiar with this brand. Therefore.

With Meta seemingly dedicated to its new name, launching a Meta Quest device (which is completely Oculus-free) could help “Meta Quest” stick better in people’s minds.

Additionally, given the problems Apple has reportedly encountered with its own Apple headphones, it’s possible that Meta’s upcoming development of all-in-one devices may also face issues. Balancing affordability, weight and functionality is a tough act, and so while an Oculus Quest 3 seemed likely for 2023, it could have been delayed if Meta had too many issues to sort out.

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Meta may instead launch a device with simpler minor improvements (like this Quest 2 Pro looks set to be) to fill the gap. Meanwhile, its R&D team has a bit more time to figure out how to create a headset worthy of the Oculus Quest 3 title.

With the Meta Quest Gaming showcase set to drop on Wednesday, April 20 at 10am PST (6pm BST, April 20 / 4am AEST April 21), we don’t have long to wait if a new headset is indeed on the way.

Either way, you can be sure we’ll be here to bring you everything you need to know.

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