There could be a gold Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, and we’re all for it

If you love gold phones, get your bank cards ready, because it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 could be the next phone to come in this eye-catching, shiny hue.

This comes from display supply chain analyst Ross Young, who tweeted to share colors for the upcoming new Samsung phone, as well as its sibling the Galaxy Z Fold 4 – these are likely leaks, and not predictions, as Young usually signals when things are a guest.

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Apparently the Z Flip 4 will come in gold, gray, light blue and light purple tones – for context, the Z Flip 3 came in cream, black, dark green and lavender (which is probably the same as the ” light purple” which Young talks about).

So the latest Z Flip came with two dark and two pastel hues – if Young is right, the new phone will come in two pastel colors, one dark and one vibrant.

The Z Fold 4 will apparently come in beige, black and grey, so it certainly doesn’t look as exciting as the Flip 4 – it even looks a bit less “fun” than the Z Fold 3, which came in black, silver and green. That’s why we didn’t put it in the title.

Analysis: gold is good

Gold is a luxurious color. I probably don’t need to tell you this, but it bears repeating for the following sentiments.

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Golden accessories catch the eye. If you have gold jewelry, that’s one thing, but if you have clothes, accessories, and other things in the same color, all eyes will be on you.

Since foldable phones are, at least in part, a fashion statement, you’ll want one that looks attractive and steals the show every time it’s taken down. A black phone doesn’t do that, and neither do other dark shades, but a gold phone absolutely will.

Obviously, that’s not the case for everyone – some people prefer their muted colors and design – but if that’s your case, we imagine that you stopped reading this article after the heading “gold c ‘is good”.

As a fan of gold (I have a gold guitar and several gold shirts, and I know how garish they are), I’m glad there’s an option for me. But for everyone else, at least the new options are more diverse.

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