This command line tool you’ve never heard of is quickly gathering steam

A startup called Graphite has raised $20 million in Series A funding to expand its open-source command-line interface, which is already proving popular among developers during the first trials.

The tool is designed to bypass traditional bottlenecks in the code review process, eliminating the need to wait for approval before work can proceed.

“The idea with Graphite is that I make a change, and then while I’m looking for someone to review, I just keep making changes on top of that, creating this queue of things to do,” said said co-founder Tomas Reimers. Tech Crunch.

A change of direction

Led by Andreessen Horowitz and backed by a group of angel investors, the cash injection will be used to recruit new engineers, build a desktop application, and develop integrations with IDEs and other existing tools.

When creating Graphite, the idea was to bring mobile development software on the market, but the founders soon realized the potential of a tool they had developed for internal use only.

“We actually built the first version of Graphite as an in-house tool a little over a year ago,” explained CEO Merrill Lutsky. “We had all missed the code review workflows we had at some of our previous companies, so we created the first version of the Graphite command line tool and dashboard as a tool that we can use internally.”

“The response to what became Graphite was so enthusiastic and compelling that we started to think maybe we should work on that instead.”

After a trial period during which the company solicited feedback from the development community and gained the blessing of seed investors, the founders made the decision to pivot the startup to focus entirely on the application in command line.

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According to the website, developers working at a number of major companies – including Snowflake, Epic Games, Bolt and more – are already using the tool to ship new products and updates faster.

“Graphite is redefining the way teams think about code reviews. It’s one of the spaces that has lacked innovation for a while and I’m excited to see their roadmap becoming a reality,” said Roopak Venkatakrishnan, Director of Engineering at Bolt.

Graphite’s mission in the coming months will be to roll out performance improvements and introduce an extra layer of polish – and ultimately grow its 2,500 user base.

Developers interested in sampling the Graphite service can join the waiting list here.

Via TechCrunch

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