This Google Sheets update should stop you messing up formulas at last

Google Sheets is looking to help spreadsheet users everywhere with the launch of a new tool that will let you write formulas faster and better.

The company has launched “smart fixes” for formulas in Google Sheets, pop-up fixes it says help you improve and troubleshoot many types of formulas.

“Now you can write formulas faster and with greater confidence with Formula Corrections,” the company wrote in a Google Workspace blog post announcing the news.

Google Sheets Formulas

Going forward, when writing a formula in Sheets, the new feature will analyze it and see if any improvements can be made. If so, a suggestion box will appear with details about a new version that can replace the current formula, including the option to accept or reject it.

Google says the new addition can help fix a number of common formula issues, including VLOOKUP errors, missing cells in range entry, and locked ranges when applying formulas across multiple cells.

The new feature is rolling out and will be enabled by default for all Google Workspace customers, as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers and users with personal Google Accounts. It can be deactivated if it proves to be too inconvenient, by going to Tools > Enable formula corrections or from the three-dot menu in the suggestion dialog.

The announcement follows a similar update in August 2021 which saw Google Sheets introduce smart formula suggestions, with the program able to come up with ideas based on the data in question and initial user input.

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Google said the new formula suggestions will make it easier to write new formulas accurately and help make data analysis faster and easier.

The company also recently revealed that it is increasing the cell limit in Google Sheets from five million cells to ten million cells.

The new limit not only affects newly created files, but also existing and imported files, meaning you can expand as you see fit.

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