This new PDF tool might be the best way to keep your confidential data safe

Foxit has announced the release of Smart Redact – an AI-powered tool that can detect and remove sensitive information from PDF documents.

The new tool promises to provide businesses with a more efficient way to stay compliant with global data laws and regulations such as GDPR. Now businesses can find and hide sensitive data without having to leave the PDF editor and disrupt workflow.

Smart Redact is an optional add-on. However, it is integrated directly into Foxit PDF Editor – considered one of best pdf readers for windows – unlike other PDF plugins, you won’t need to install it. You just need to turn it on.

Smart, Sensitive, Secure

PrivacyFoxit-aware users are no strangers to copywriting. the PDF editorthat we defend as one of the best adobe acrobat alternativesincluded the ability to manually locate and mark text, images, areas, and even entire pages for redaction.

Now, Foxit claims that Smart Redact “builds on the redaction capability of PDF Editor by increasing the number of automatic searches for sensitive data patterns, including those without static patterns, such as people’s names, organizations, personal roles”.

Along with the AI ​​tool, user profiles are now also available. Profiles allow you to define certain types of confidential data that should always be hidden. This means you won’t have to constantly search and clean up protected information across multiple documents and document types, because Smart Redact will do it for you automatically.

With cyber security Keeping in mind, Smart Redact is TAA compliant and SOC 2 certified. Data transferred between the software and the Foxit cloud server deploys AES-256 encryption.

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Frank Kettenstock, Foxit CMO, said, “By leveraging artificial intelligence, Foxit Smart Redact dramatically improves the productivity of knowledge workers involved in copywriting. Users will save time and reduce the risk of errors.

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