This top photo app is now giving away image editing tools for free

In line photo editor Picsart has released Quicktools, a suite of free media editing tools.

Quicktools – which contains everything from a background eraser to a PDF to JPG Converter – promises to provide free and easy access to some of the most common photos and video montage tools.

The goal is to create a go-to hub for all basic editing needs that “gives everyone the chance to try Picsart’s advanced yet easy-to-use editing tools”. Users will no longer have to scratch their heads wondering how to compress an image or the best way to resize images – and there’s no need for a Picsart subscription.

the Navigator-based Quick tools the toolbox includes 20 leading editing tools – ranging from image enhancement and manipulation to PDF edition and video conversion.

It’s a space for those quick changes – like switching to a transparent background or resizing snapshots – when loading powerful image editors like photoshop may seem overdone.

Current Picsart users on Android, iOS and Windows will be familiar with these “new” tools. However, those using Picsart’s hub will find it a simple process.

The homepage lists the tool and details its features (these can also be found in the category drop-downs for quicker navigation). Users are then invited to “try it out”, and directed to a series of user-friendly tools that are simple and powerful enough for beginners and professionals alike.

The complete tool set includes:

— Background remover

— PDF to JPG converter

— HEIC to JPG converter

— Resize image

— Compress the image

— JPG to PDF converter

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– PNG to PDF converter

— Color pallet

— Color pallet

— Merge PDF

— Split PDF

— Font generator

— Word counter

— Symbols

— Emojis

– Profile picture maker

— Trim video

— Crop video

— Color picker

— MOV to MP4

The release of Quicktools follows its recent announcement that the platform now offers Google Drive integration through Google workspace Market. This allows users to efficiently edit images saved on the online storage site using the web tool without switching between Picsart and Google-sphere.

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