Thor: Love and Thunder image confirms big link to Moon Knight

Spoilers follow for Moon Knight, as well as possible spoilers for Thor 4 and Black Panther 2.

A new image for Thor: Love and Thunder has confirmed the connection between the upcoming Marvel movie Moon Knight and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

The photograph, which was uploaded to the official Disney Picture Database on Monday, May 16, shows Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster/Mighty Thor taking a seat alongside Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie. It’s unclear where exactly the duo are (we’ll get to that in a bit), but that new location isn’t the biggest surprise in this image from Thor 4.

Look to the bottom right of the image and you’ll notice another character in what appears to be a panther costume. In our opinion, it is none other than Bast, the Egyptian god who has ties to Moon Knight and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Look at the picture below:

Jane Foster's Valkyrie and Mighty Thor sit on a council of the gods alongside Bast in Thor: Love and Thunder

Bast should appear in Thor: Love and Thunder. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

For the uninitiated, Bast is part of the Ennead, the group of Egyptian gods introduced to us in the Disney Plus live-action series Moon Knight. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Bast is also the goddess who led the first Black Panther – Bashenga – to the Heart-Shaped Grass, the source of Black Panther’s superpowers.

Marvel movie insiders have previously claimed that Bast will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder, but this is the first confirmed sighting of the panther god in the Norse god’s fourth solo film.

Well, Bast’s avatar at least. According to The Cosmic Circus, Akosia Sabet (Clickbait) has been cast as Bastet in the Marvel Phase 4 project, and it appears to be Sabet sitting ahead of Portman’s Jane Foster/Mighty Thor.

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In Marvel comics (and Egyptian mythology), Bastet and Bast are interchangeable names for the Egyptian goddess. It may be, however, that Marvel Studios decided to use Bast to refer to the goddess herself, and Bastet as the name of her human avatar, to avoid confusing audiences when the film was released.

It’s not too long to wait before we find out for sure anyway. Thor: Love and Thunder will be released exclusively in cinemas worldwide on July 8.

Analysis: Will Thor 4 introduce the Parliament of Pantheons?

Russell Crowe's Zeus performs in front of the crowd at Olympus in Thor: Love and Thunder

Zeus is one of the many gods that can appear in Thor 4. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Given that Christian Bale’s Gorr the Butcher God – the main villain of Thor: Love and Thunder – will be on a quest to rid the MCU of its mythical beings, it’s obvious that Bast would make an appearance in the superhero movie. She’s a goddess, after all, so she’ll want to make sure Gorr’s vengeful crusade ends quickly.

Bast isn’t the only one scared too. From Norse gods, including Thor, Valkyrie, and now Mjolnir-wielding Jane Foster, to Greek gods – Russell Crowe portrays Zeus in Thor 4, as we saw in the movie’s trailer – Gorr is here to get them all . So it would make sense for the various gods of the MCU to meet in person to discuss plans to stop Gorr.

What better place to connect in these trying times, then, than the Parliament of the Pantheons? In the comics, the Parliament of the Pantheons is an intergovernmental organization where gods from across the Marvel Universe gather. It is here that they discuss all sorts of topics, including peace and moderation of the kingdoms they rule. He made his first appearance in a Thor comic – December 2012’s Thor: God of Thunder #3 – so it would be a good idea if the Parliament of the Pantheons made his MCU debut in a solo Thor film.

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With someone as powerful as Gorr firing for all of them, it would be madness for the gods of the MCU not to meet and discuss ways to stop his revenge-filled killing spree. The Parliament of the Pantheons is the best place to hold these discussions – and that’s why we think Valkyrie, Jane Foster and Bastet are all seen in the same room with each other in the image Disney released.

Of course, the trio could serve on the council of New Asgard, which is the Asgardians’ new home on earth following the events of Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. It wouldn’t make sense, however, for Bastet to have a place on the council of New Asgard, hence why we believe she is a member of the Parliament of the Pantheons alongside Valkyrie and Jane Foster. Either way, we’ll know for sure in less than two months.

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