Three Galaxy Watch 5 models could be coming, including a super premium one

With the death of the Note line, Samsung has reduced its smartphone release schedule, but it looks like the company could do the opposite with its smartwatches, as there is evidence of three Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 models coming this year.

That’s up from two Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 models last year, and proof of that is in the form of a trio of codenames spotted by GalaxyClub.

According to the site, there’s the Heart-S, which carries the model number SM-R90X and will come in 40mm and 42mm sizes, making it the smallest of the three. Then there’s the Heart-L, which apparently carries the model number SM-R91X and will supposedly come in 44mm and 46mm sizes.

Most interesting of all is the Heart-Pro, which is said to have the model number SM-R92X and apparently only comes in one size. The site doesn’t say what size, but we’d assume a large.

Finally, the site adds that all three Galaxy Watch 5 models will arrive in Europe, although they have no information for the rest of the world.

As always with leaks, we’d take this with a pinch of salt, but we’ve heard of a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro before, and seen three different battery sizes mentioned for different models, so chances are let that be correct.

Analysis: giving meaning to the Galaxy Watch 5 range

If this latest leak is correct, it looks like the Heart-S will be the standard Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, while the Heart-L could be the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Classic, and the Heart-Pro could be a brand new entry under the shape of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

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This suggests that the Pro model could be even more premium than the Classic model, which could make it a very expensive device, given that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic already starts at $349 / £349 / AU$549.

So far, we don’t know what it will do to justify the price and name, other than maybe coming with a big 572mAh battery (compared to a maximum of 361mAh in the Galaxy Watch 4 range).

Then again, we’ve heard a suggestion elsewhere that there won’t be a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Classic. It seems unlikely if there really are three models, but perhaps the lowest would be the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Active instead, with the middle one being the standard Watch 5. Or maybe Samsung has planned a different naming scheme. .

We should find out in or around August, because that’s when the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 lineup is likely to land.

Via GSMArena

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