Ubisoft announces new shooter and insists it isn’t a battle royale

Ubisoft has announced a new shooter, dubbed Project Q, in the face of recent leaks that gave details of the upcoming title.

The existence of the Q project has been known for quite some time. It was first mentioned as part of Nvidia’s Geforce leak last September, which dropped a ton of unannounced projects. This gained momentum thanks to a recent report by Exputer, which detailed that the game is a PvP battle arena game.

In that report, there were footage from a recent playtest showing a third-person shooter with colorful abilities and environments. There are also items you can swap out to modify your build on the fly.

Instead of being shy, Ubisoft decided to take matters into their own hands and announce the game a little early. In reference to the leaks, Ubisoft tweeted: “So we heard you heard…”

“‍Introducing codenamed ‘Project Q’, a team-based battle arena that allows players to truly make the experience their own!”

The publisher shared a few more details alongside the announcement, perhaps the most exciting being that you can sign up for a public test that will give you a hands-on experience with the title. To do this, go to the Ubisoft website and fill in your information, including the platform you want to play on. You can choose between PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. That being said, there is no indication of when this testing phase might take place.

Ubisoft has shared two other interesting tidbits about Project Q, the first of which is that it’s not a battle royale. In a tweet, Ubisoft said:

Instead, the game is a low-player arena shooter, which Ubisoft says seems to make it more fun. This move away from battle royale moves the title away from one of the publisher’s most recent failures in the form of Hyper Scape. This game failed to take off and is shutting down its servers later this week, April 28, after only releasing in the summer of 2020.

Speaking of the publisher’s failures, Ubisoft also announced that, at least for now, NFTs won’t appear in-game. They tweeted:

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Ubisoft Quartz, the publisher’s NFT project, has had a tough time lately. It suffered from low interest and sold out NFTs for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint just months before the game’s update shutdown was announced, essentially ending support for the title.

It’s unclear whether distancing itself from both battle royales or NFTs will make Project Q more palatable to players, but it can’t hurt. With a slew of rocky launches and weird business decisions, primarily its investment in NFTs, the publisher could do with a win.

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