Warzone devs are fixing the Season 3 Xbox Live glitch

Developer Raven Software has announced that it is investigating a bug in Call of Duty Warzone that is currently preventing some players from logging into the game after the release of its third season of content.

Following the rollout of Warzone Season 3, some Xbox players were reportedly unable to log into the battle royale without an active Xbox Live Gold subscription. When trying to join a multiplayer game, they encounter an error screen informing them that they cannot play the multiplayer game without an active Xbox Live subscription.

Like other free games on Xbox, the Call to Duty title did not previously require players to have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to access its multiplayer side.

Developer Raven Software has now acknowledged that they are working to fix the Warzone Season 3 glitch. “We are investigating an issue where Xbox Live Silver users are unable to play Warzone,” the developer said. tweetedreferring to a post from his public Trello board that brings together the various issues he is currently working on solving.

Xbox Live Silver – sometimes referred to as Xbox Live Free – is the lite version of Xbox’s premium subscription service. If you’re having trouble logging into Warzone and you’re told that your profile can’t log in without an Xbox Live subscription, you’re likely an Xbox Live Silver member experiencing the unfortunate end of this issue.

Raven hasn’t said when he thinks the bug will be fixed, but his acknowledgment of the issue is a good sign that the developers are actively working to fix the problem.

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A soldier holding a sniper rifle in Call of Duty Warzone

(Image credit: Activision)

weapon nerfs

The rollout of Warzone Season 3 also raised a few other issues. According to Raven’s Trello board, equipping the Legendary Ancestral Spirit Daniel Skin will result in players “obscured vision in-game.” Contracts have also been temporarily disabled for solo players as the developer investigates an unnamed issue.

The update introduced big changes to the free battle royale. Chief among them is a nerf to sniper rifles, which significantly reduces their effectiveness. While the weapons used to be able to fire at virtually any target, many sniper rifles will now only do so up to a maximum distance of 90 yards, and others won’t be able to at all. Raven said the nerf was applied to create some diversity among the weapons.

“Snipers can now use damage ranges as the defining characteristic of their one-shot potential,” the developer said. “This not only brings more identity to each weapon, but means that attachments that provide the sniper rifles with lighter and faster Damage Range stat will increase their one-shot capability at increased ranges.

“Our ultimate goal is to enable a wider range of viable playstyles and to really push the potential of each weapon.”

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