What time is Moon Knight episode 5 released on Disney Plus?

Are you excited for Moon Knight Episode 5? You should be.

After the surreal and mind-blowing events that happened in Episode 4, we’re sure you can’t wait for the next installment of the Marvel Phase 4 Project. If you’re still confused by what happened in the last episode from Moon Knight, you’ll want to check out our ending explainer and chat with executive producer Grant Curtis for more info.

But we digress – you’re here to find out when Moon Knight Episode 5 airs on Disney Plus. Below, we’ll let you know the exact release date and time for the next entry in the superhero show. We’ve also catered to audiences in many parts of the world, so you shouldn’t have to do a lot (if any) of time zone conversions to prepare before the fifth episode of Moon Knight lands on your TV. or your computer screen.

Additionally, we have provided you with a full release schedule for the six-episode series of Moon Knight. We’re now in the show’s final act, so you won’t need it any longer, but it’s still handy to have at this point in the proceedings.

So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out when we’ll reunite with Marc, Steven, and the rest of the Moon Knight gang.

When is the release date of episode 5 of Moon Knight?

Marc Spector lies on the floor of a mental hospital with a Moon Knight action figure in the Disney Plus show

Don’t worry, Episode 5 of Marc – Moon Knight is on the way. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Moon Knight Episode 5 will be released on Disney Plus on Wednesday, April 27 at 12 p.m. PT / 3 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. BST / 12:30 p.m. IST / 5 p.m. AEST.

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The American public will have to go to bed late (or get up really early) if they wish to watch Moon Knight Episode 5 as soon as it is released. Meanwhile, UK Marvel fans might have plenty of time to catch it before they start work or head to school. You know, if you work remotely or want to see it before you go to school.

Indian viewers should be able to sneak in Episode 5 during their lunch break, while Australian and New Zealand fans will have to wait until the end of the working day.

No matter where you watch Moon Knight Episode 5 in the world, you’ll definitely want to take precautions before streaming it. There are bound to be plenty of spoilers circulating on social media (and various websites) post-release, and you wouldn’t want any of them ruined beforehand.

Our advice? Disable hashtags and words including #MoonKnight, #MoonKnightepisode5 and #MoonKnightspoilers on Twitter and the company in advance. Otherwise, stay off social media until you’ve watched the show’s fifth episode. This way you will be safe. Unlike Marc and Steven, who still have to escape from this supposed psychiatric hospital in which they were trapped during episode 4.

How many episodes of Moon Knight will be released? Full launch schedule

Tawaret, the Egyptian hippopotamus goddess, greets Marc and Steven in episode 4 of Moon Knight

Tawaret could have a big role to play in episodes 5 and 6 of Moon Knight. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Here’s the full release schedule for Moon Knight on Disney Plus:

  • Moon Knight episode 1 – Wednesday, March 30 (available to stream now)
  • Moon Knight episode 2 – Wednesday, April 6 (available to stream now)
  • Moon Knight episode 3 – Wednesday, April 13 (available to stream now)
  • moonknight episode 4 – Wednesday, April 20 (available to stream now)
  • moonknight episode 5 – Wednesday, April 27
  • moonknight episode 6 – Wednesday, May 4
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As we mentioned in our intro, there aren’t many episodes of Moon Knight left – two, to be exact. That’s surreal to say on its own, because it feels like the Disney Plus show has only just begun.

It’s been a wild ride for Marc/Steven, Layla, Arthur, and MCU fans, but all good things must eventually come to an end. Fortunately, we have two episodes left, and we expect them to be intriguing and explosive affairs. Ah, and according to Marvel Insider Amit Chaudhari, episode 5 of Moon Knight lasts 47 minutes. So there’s still a good chunk of Moon Knight to catch.

There’s also more Marvel content coming in the near future, with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Ms. Marvel, and Thor: Love and Thunder all set to arrive in mid-July. As the saying goes online, we’re still going to eat well on Marvel projects for a while yet.

For more Marvel-based content, find out how to watch the Marvel movies in order. And, if you somehow missed it, read the first trailer for Thor 4.

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