Windows 11 update is redesigning how you shut down your PC

Microsoft continues to refine the look of Windows 11with the shutdown window set to get a modern refresh, similar to improvements made to suggested text and Painting.

This can be found in Windows 11 Build 25115, which is available in the Dev Channel if you are logged into the Insider program. Once you press Alt + F4Windows 11’s shutdown options, which include a drop-down menu giving you the choice to hibernate, shut down, restart, or put your PC to sleep, will be different.

Instead, it has the rounded edges that appeared in other Windows 11 updates, such as Windows Media Playerand menus when you right-click a folder in File Explorer.

There are also some new icons for when you’re in recovery mode, finally moving away from the rather basic look that’s been there ever since. Windows 8.

Analysis: As small as it is, the look of Windows 11 is improving

All of these changes are making a big difference in areas that have felt abandoned for years. From the Snipping Tool for taking screenshots to the File Explorer that will soon feature tabs like a web browser, Microsoft is trying to modernize Windows for everyone.

With Sun Valley 2the next major Windows 11 update, tentatively still on track to arrive later this year, these small improvements may be a sign that Microsoft is stepping on the gas and looking at small areas of Windows for improvement, while still fixing bugs.

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Recovery mode has been a useful feature for years, where it can fix a Windows installation that won’t boot for example, but it’s always stuck with a Windows 8 look.

While it’s only the icons that see a change, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a total overhaul by the time Sun Valley 2 arrives.

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