Wix wants to help businesses sell tickets to their live events

In addition to its website builder, Wix also makes it easier for business owners and venues to create custom seating plans for their in-person events.

Organizing a big event for colleagues or clients can be a daunting task, especially for small businesses. Luckily, with the new Wix Seating Plan Generator, business owners can now create a custom seating plan based on their specific venue and create different ticket types to match their seating plan.

From tour buses to campsites and churches to clubs or large venues and even diners, the company’s latest builder aims to simplify the process of creating, managing and monetizing events for business owners.

The Wix Seating Plan Generator is available to all premium users in the company at no additional cost and interested users can check it out here.

Room plan generator

Business owners and venues themselves can create detailed maps of a venue and ticket prices based on each seat’s location using Wix’s Seating Map Generator.

However, they can also create the map with any variation of seating for their events, including tables, rows of seats, areas with general seating like a standing room area, reserved VIP sections or even a combination of these elements. When customers go to purchase their tickets, they will be able to see all available seats, hover over a seat to see its price, and click to select the seats they wish to purchase.

Seating Map Builder is part of the company’s Wix Events event management platform for tickets and RSVPS. In addition to live and in-person events, business owners can host and present their events on their website, connect video conferencing solutions such as Wix Live or Zoom, send invitations and accept secure online payments. The platform also includes other networking and social tools for event attendees, and businesses can leverage the Wix Owner App to check in guests, sell tickets, and even manage their events on the go.

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Wix Events Manager Donatas Dautartas provided additional information about the company’s new venue map generator in a press release, saying:

“In the short time since the release of Seating Map Builder for businesses, the average number of tickets per event and the average ticket price per event have increased. This release has opened the door for businesses and venues to manage their event ticketing on their own, where previously they had to hire developers to build these complex systems. We are proud to provide this exciting builder to our existing users and look forward to working with new companies and new sites, and to help them develop their activities.

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