You can finally get unlimited Google Photos storage but there’s a catch

A new Google One subscription is on the way, giving users unlimited Google Photos cloud storage – However, it’s only available to T-Mobile customers in the US and costs $15 per month.

Google Photos offers one of best photo cloud storage services – ideal for users who download a lot of high resolution images. T-Mobile’s latest Google One subscription plan, which the mobile network provider says will launch soon, will also give users 2TB of cloud storage on Gmail and Google Drive. This matches the current top-tier Google One subscription plan offered to all Google Account holders.

What makes the mobile brand ad unique is that not even Google offers unlimited photo storage for high-quality downloads.

One Membership

It wasn’t too long ago that Google Photos offered unlimited high-quality uploads – a promise it’s delivered since its unveiling in 2015.

However, in June 2021, the company started limiting basic users to just 15GB free. online storage on Google Photos, Drive and Gmail.

In a move that mirrors that of Apple iCloud expanded storage subscription options, media users who want to expand or upgrade their cloud storage options should subscribe to the Google One subscription service.

Google One is billed as “one subscription to get the most out of Google”. The plans, which are available on a basic, standard and premium subscription level, include benefits such as expanded Google Drive cloud storage and VPN for Android and iOS, all of which can be shared with up to five family members and friends.

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Find the right Google One plan

The new option builds on T-Mobile’s two existing Google One plans: $5 a month gets customers 500GB of storage, while a $10 monthly subscription gets 2TB of cloud storage without Google Photos. unlimited.

However, if this makes you feel better, note that T-Mobile’s unlimited photo and video storage plan is only available to the primary account holder.

T-Mobile’s Google Photos Unlimited plan will be available starting April 26, 2022.

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