Your Cyberpunk 2077 expansion wait will be awhile

While Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t have the smoothest launch, it’s received regular fixes and tweaks over the past year, and now an expansion is not only confirmed, but we know it’s coming next. next year. That’s quite the expectation, and with a few more years it would actually be 2077 (us kid), for the ultimate headset-less VR experience.

During Thursday’s financial call, CD Projekt Red revealed that the expansion will arrive sometime in 2023. There are no details now on what the new content will be, but it also confirmed that it will there would be more details later this year.

CD Projekt Red has also reaffirmed continued support for the game, which comes as no surprise after the massive 1.5 patch in February. It was welcome, if slow to arrive, and introduced PS5 and Xbox Series versions and a huge list of improvements, fixes and changes.

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There’s a huge shopping list that most players can do for Cyberpunk 2077 patches. From expansions to customizing V and their vehicles, to the increased depth and complexity of NPC and AI behavior, to the agency and depth of the backstory system for V, but it all seems unlikely with an expansion so far removed from the main release. Instead, what’s most likely is a suite of content additions, bringing new vehicles, new weapons and cyberware, and new quests and areas to ride your stolen cyberbike and shoot duels with. gangsters.

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A welcome change that is possible would be some added depth to the hacking systems for netrunners, as well as the options available for the lackluster crafting system. It would be cool to see more solvable quests, uncovered lore, or deconstructed missions through the use of intelligence-focused builds, and likewise, bring some customization and flair to being a tech character . The crafting skill is particularly annoying, with many perks exclusively unlocking higher crafting rarities.

But maybe I’m just biased into wanting grappling hook launchers in my arms, or making smart guns that cook me eggs first thing in the morning.

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